6 comentarios el “La vuelta al blanco y negro

  1. Si es yo. Are there others who know you are in realty a contessa? I’m sorry to blow your cover on the internet.
    Claudia: I want to commision you hacer un proyecto: Los cachetones de Peru. Tienes interes? :’)

  2. Haha, are you serious? “Los cachetones del Perú” – sounds like great fun to me… And no, no other one has recognized my ‘sangre real’ yet… I guess I don’t bother to behave like one, hahaha – better an anonymous contesa than a notorious one, I love to ‘pasar solapa’, as we here say.

  3. I was only a little serious about “Los cachetones del Peru”, but I bet it’s never been done. Promise me your first, autographed edition.
    I should tell you, it’s weird to be in touch, with so much time passed. It’s stirred up old memories that are still quite vivid for me. Isn’t life wonderful? It’s flying by, and you are capturing its moments so artistically with a unique “Contesa de Lama” touch. Do you ever write anymore? I still want to read “Patagonia”. One more thing: “feliz cumplianos!” (Also my daughter’s: she’s 22 today).

  4. Muchas gracias, Don! Yes, it is strange and so familiar at the same time to get in touch again after 30 plus years – or maybe 40 years? I have lost the account … And to hear that you have a 22 year old daughter, dios mío, incredible! It has stirred up old memories over here, too… Are you still living in Oroville, Ca.?
    As for my photographic activity, it seems that I would be capturing moments. But what I am actually capturing are different aspects of ONE single moment without beginning nor end…
    I don’t write anymore, but small texts to acompany my photos… How about you? Still teaching?

  5. Hola otra vez! Si, vivo en Oroville, en la misma casa. I left teaching the year my son was born, 1986. I have been so fortunate to be my own boss since then. The freedom has been terrific, more time with the family, opportunities for travel, adventure. I own properties, and even built two houses in the last five years.
    Looking back, Claudia, I’m amazed how much we did together, on how many continents? It’s a microcosim on how to live life, intensely, packing in experiences. I really do smile when I think of you and our travels. You were, and I’m sure still are, pretty amazing. Have you been back to Putina?

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